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Happy Wheels is a game for the computer where the player can choose to be a racecar driver. The difference is that a person has to choose from an odd bunch of drivers. The Happy Wheels Unblocked games characters include Wheelchair Guy, Irresponsible Dad, Santa Claus, Pogo stick Man, Explorer Guy, and many other characters that are not typical race car drivers. The gameplay will vary based on the character that the player chooses. Happy Wheels for School allows a player to race with different characters and different dangers.
The player has to use their character to try to get the fastest time and win the race. This is a lot easier than it sounds. The character can get ejected from their cards. While the player is driving along they also need to collect tokens. The token can help them win the game and get bonuses. The characters are at risks for dangers all throughout the game. At any point characters can be shot at, decapitated, crushed by obstacles on the course, or involved in a crash. There is animated blood loss in this game as well.
If a player does not beat a level they can replay it. This game does feature violence and animated blood.
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Happy Wheels for School is Based On Physics Concepts

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